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How to build muscle strength, and not size

If you are a beginner in fitness and endurance training, you will be surprised by the fact that you can build muscle strength without actually growing bulky muscles. 

Gymnasts and silky athletes, for example they need to increase their bodies’ endurance to tough physical stress, and not merely to build muscle, like their bodybuilding counterparts. 

Growing muscle increases their body weight, effectively impeding their performance. At the same time, a pro rugby player needs strength in his body to deal with the rigors of the game. If you are among these athletes, learn the tricks and the importance of building strength in your muscles, and not just increasing body size.

Understanding strength

The fact that not every sports person wants to build massive muscles cannot be overemphasized. In fact, the athletes with the biggest muscles are not always the strongest. This is because strength is not exclusively a characteristic of muscle. Therefore, if your aim is to build stamina, lifting too heavy weights does not increase your strength. Instead, it leads to muscle exhaustion.

Let your body build its own strength by employing more stress resistant and high threshold muscle fibers consistently. Similarly, you should strive towards enhancing the firing rate of your muscle fibers and motor neurons. 

Importance of building strength 

Building huge muscles leads to a general heavy body weight. When you take a BMI examination, the score would be high because you are considered “too heavy for your height.” Evidently, the BMI count would be compromised when it is used to determine your likelihood of developing obesity.

Luckily, strength training discourages increased readings on the weight scales. Wrestlers are able to compete without their huge muscles getting in their way. Now you understand why a seemingly thin wrestler or boxer outshines his big-bodied opponent. Another undesirable trait of growing big muscles is the imminent collapse of body muscles during old age. 

How to do it

One of the secrets of building strength is focusing on weight movement exercises such as the bench press, deadlift, squat, and overhead press. These moves recruit innumerable muscle fibers from different groups. In addition, they draw bigger hormonal response to stress than other types of exercises.

Another trick is to lift heavy weights fast. By doing so, your body recruits fast-twitch muscle fibers that support one another with excellent efficiency. Many professional fitness coaches recommend not more than 6 repetitions for each exercise. Anything more than that increases your muscle size, and not the desired strength. Implement these tricks now and gain physical endurance fast. 

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