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  • Would you like to lose weight, meanwhile getting a much more flexible body?
  • Would you like to start loosing the weight within 30 min?
  • Wouldn't you prefer being able to lose weight without having to spend hours at a gym?

if you answered yes to all of the above, then you have surfed to just the right place for you.

1 dollar yoga guide

Discard Everything Else You Thought You Knew About Losing weight and Begin to Understand the Real Methods Behind it!

Who needs an Excercise Guru when you have the 1 Dollar Yoga Guide that is just as good or better?

Intruducing you to the New 1 Dollar Yoga Guide, a  Step by Step guide plan for using Yoga poses and some basic cardio moves to lose weight and gain flexebility.

How to Get the Most out of the 1 Dollar Yoga Guide.

In order to allow you to get the most out of the 1 Dollar Yoga Guide, it has been designed carefully with regards to its ease of usage. Instead of having to waste time learning just what to do, or pondering over what it all means, you can jump right in and immediately start seeing the results that you want.

STOP Right There!

You know How Hard it Can Be

You already know how hard it is to lose weight, right?  How focused we become, maybe even over focusing to the point where we end up in our own daydream about how we want to look and feel.

Sometimes we need some friendly backup, but we haven't got the time to join an exercise group, and we try to fluff around at home, hoping it will have some effect...

We Begin TODAY!

Today is the First Day for a Different Type of exercise routine with the 1 Dollar Yoga Guide

Hold on a Minuet!

How is this eBook different from other eBooks on Yoga?

each eBook on this topic tends to go into detail about the subject of Yoga, which means a leap into another ancient cultures spiritual belief and as you probably already know, it would take much more time and a rather larger eBook to cover.

This is a unique Yoga guide, because it deals directly with some specific poses, and the guide is overall designed to make you lose weight in a very controlled manner.

This eBook features some Crucial and very Simple Poses and a 3 point guide that will excel your body's metabolism.

if you follow it ;)

14 Poses that can change your life!

  •  14 Poses that will absorb any excessive fat
  •  14  Poses that also powers you up with a new flexible body.
  •  14  Poses that will strengthen your muscles
  •  14  Poses that are so simple and easy to do that they will blow your

You won't be thrown into a massive exercise routine each and every day, no not at all. We only want 20 min of your time every day, morning or night depends on you, because you are in control!

Together we will balance your body inside and out, making you aware of what you can change easily and start to see some results within days. 

But you have to do it, we cannot do this for you, but we believe in you and know that if we can do it, you can too.

Take our hand and let us lead you into a new future where you are in complete control of your body.

A Simple 3-Step Plan

As mentioned this eBook is focused on how we lose weight, meanwhile gaining more flexibility.


  1. We begin with a 5 min warm-up = Yoga poses

    Which will be focused on stretching your body, but these poses will also help you to become more flexible.

  2. We will then attack our fat depositet bank with a Cardio Blast for 10 min 

                    Which will be focused on stretching your body, but these poses will
                    also help you to becom

  3. We Will go full circle by ending in a 5 min Cool-Down

Here will be like to begin with, focus on stretching and calming the heart down from the cardio. You will also notice that this time around your body will feel more flexible.

This special little Yoga guide will also give you some ideas on snack to eat, fat burning and healthy snacks. So even when you eat you are burning that excessive fat of your body.


You will also recive a 3 month Calandar (PDF file) You should print this calander out, to keep trach of your Awesome progress.

We will make this Calandar without the spesific data, so that you can fill that it yourself (so you can begin whenever you want), in this way you won't ever be downloading a Calandar that is out-dated and off balanced.

Why is this Amazing eBook Not Expensive Like the others?

We are giving this little helpful guide away for a messily dollar, because we feel comfortable in the fact that you will be getting more than you paid for, and get the MOST out of every cent.

Off course the price won't stay this low forever, and there really is no need to miss out on this exceptional offer for this astounding price, wouldn't you say?

Why and when will the price go up? 

The 1 Dollar Yoga Guide is part of a bigger work, if you surf around here you will see other cool 1 Dollar Guide eBooks, all focused on specific areas.

At some point these guide eBooks will be merged together to one Fantastic piece of work.

When is still unknown...

What We NEED From You

Simply give us 20 min of your time each day for 90 days and see the changes in your body. 


This is not for advanced Yoga students, because this is a beginners guide, for people that know nothing about yoga poses and how they can boost our bodies on so many levels.

User-friendly for

*This is a PDF-file which holds the Best Gaphics as well as style.

PDF - Free adobe reader (for PC/MAC/Laptops)

For Kindle Devices = How to Transfer PDFs to a Kindle

ePUB - (ipad/iphone/ipad/Appel) = Simply download the FREE Adobe App for your deviceand after you recive the link for the eBook, you will be able to open it directly on your device, IF you have installed the free Adobe app.


Only a 1 Time payment NO extra or other monthyly fees

45 day money back gurarantee!

Don’t hesitate! Every minute you wait means that the price could rise, so be one of the first to BUY the astonishing 1 Dollar Yoga Guide at the incredibly low rate it is going for today!


Steady and step-by-step methods are the hallmark of the 1 Dollar Yoga Guide. Despite this, it still contains easily extractable and informative content that even some Guru’s probably don’t know (though they’ll also probably never admit it). Be on par with them, and beat them at their own game once you buy the 1 Dollar Yoga Guide today!

45 day money back gurarantee!

There is No Risk at all involved in buying the 1 Dollar Yoga Guide because unless you are 110% satisfied, we will return ALL of your money!


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