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One fallout of the immense popularity of health and fitness programs the world over has been that terms like 'cardio', 'aerobics', 'anaerobic' etcetera have become mainstream. In particular, aerobics has been one of the most popular exercises, with its promise to deliver the perfect beach body by burning all that fat.

Let us start with the dictionary meaning of the term. An aerobic exercise is called thus because it involves pumping of oxygenated blood by the heart during the course of your workout. Your body demands an excess of oxygen because the metabolism rate of your body is elevated. 

Also called cardio exercises, aerobic activities are marked by the fact that they stimulate your breathing and heart rate so that you sustain the same for a long period of time. 

Activities such as swimming, jogging, sprints, cycling etcetera come under the rubric of aerobic exercise. In complete contrast, anaerobic exercises do not result in your muscles requiring oxygenated blood to function. 

The next obvious question is why you should choose aerobic exercise? The benefits are many. Aerobic exercise is arguably, outside of dieting, the quickest and safest way to shed fat. In addition, aerobic exercises are excellent way to boost your stamina. They are also excellent for your overall psychological well being. Studies have reported that an intense aerobic workout is almost always rewarded by an endorphins boost, a process that is responsible for making your feel good. Lastly, but far from the least, aerobic exercises are one of the best ways to guarantee long term cardiovascular health. 

Among all this good news, are there any cautions that one ought to exercise when going for an aerobic workout? Most certainly. One of the biggest reasons a lot of people choose aerobic routines is to lose weight quickly. However, our bodies, after repeated exposure to same routines at the same level of intensity, simply becomes more efficient, and, thus, results in a progressively lesser pay-off. The only way to counter this is by mixing anaerobic exercises with your aerobic routine. 

People with a weak knee, or other bone related issues should also consult their doctors before taking up aerobic exercises.

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