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A Simple, Quick, and Completely Fool Proof in Nature The 1 Dollar Intense Cardio Guide

Discover How You can Lose ALL the Weight You want to Lose 

  • Do You Think it is hard to lose weight?
  • Do you find yourself daydreaming abot what you want to look like, instead of actually doing anything about it?
  • Or worse, did christmas come with many gigantic yet yummie meals?

Start To Live Your Dream Life, One Step at a Time Beginning Right Now with
the 1 Dollar Intense Cardio Guide

From today onwards, you will be able to get the most out of Your Cardio Exercises without even having to try half as hard as you used to!

As a product designed to cater completely to the Cardio exercises, the 1 Dollar Intense Cardio Guide has a lot of competition from seemingly similar products. However, none come even close in regards to the delivery of incredible and quick results that keep the fat rolling of day after day at this price.

You Control 100 % of the Results!

Therefore you can Lose all the weight you

want to lose in 1 week!

You hold all the keys
to any future that you might want,
all you need to do,
is to put the key in and turn it, 
we are here to help
you to turn your key and
Embrace Your Future!

We do not say this lightly, because the WILL to WANT something, is the ONLY thing that will take you towards your goals. 

We challenge you to WANT it like Never before!

But how do we do this...?

More easier than you might think.

We place our Wanted Desire into our thoughts, We will use our own ego, to change into what we want !

We want something (or ego's wants) yet we sometimes lack the WILL to move towards what we want.

So how do we flip it around?

We won't do as most do. Some people take out that dress that they want to be able to wear, but can't. Or our favorite pants, that won't slide over our butts, and then they will look at it all day.. = Daydreaming.

We won't be doing that.

  • We will play some hardball with our ego! :)

How to Get the Most out of the 

1 Dollar Intense Cardio Guide

You can go about losing weight in two ways..

  1. Being kind of into it... (half-hearted)...
  2. Wanting it Badly Enough To Do What it TAKES!

To get the most out of anything, it is recommended that you really submerge yourself into whatever that is. The 1 Dollar Intense Cardio Guide can be just the thing that you need to get going. We recommend that you go full-hearted into this, because it will give you the BEST and FASTEST results!

You Know This!

You know How Hard it Can Be

You already know how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off.

  • You have been aiming to get into those pants you wore just 4 years ago, and you have been moving much more than normally, yet you still can't fit into them. That alone is a pain for us females!

  • Or better yet you have enjoyed a delicious dinner feast over the Christmas holidays, and added a dash of laziness to the agenda, and the pounds you lost before, have returned with a vengeance of 2 extra pounds...

This is exactly were our 1 Dollar intense Cardio Guide can help you to rid those extra pounds within weeks, faster if YOU WANT IT!

Hang on There!

How is this eBook different from other eBooks on Cardio?

Each of these 1 Dollar eBooks you find here on are catered to specific points, not body areas.

You probably already know that we sadly can't lose weight in one specific area, but you can put more focus on that area to form it, but that is different than losing the fat in that area.

This 1 Dollar Intense Cardio Guide is focused on getting you up and moving, both motivating you as well as giving you tips to lose even more weight while you exercise (small secrets that we don't see anyone mentioning)...

A Simple 3-Step Plan !

As with the 1 Dollar Yoga Guide, this eBook is an easy to follow guide plan, but with the Cardio guide we will turn up the intensity

  1. An Intense Warm-up
  2. Intense Cardio & Strength building
  3. Fat-Burning Food List


You will also recive a 3 month Calandar (PDF file) You should print this calander out, to keep trach of your Awesome progress.

We will make this Calandar without the spesific data, so that you can fill that it yourself (so you can begin whenever you want), in this way you won't ever be downloading a Calandar that is out-dated and off balanced.

Lose ALL the Weight You want to Lose 


about weight loss products and services

You should not let your dreams get bullied over by massive information blasts, that are only trying to get every cent they can from you. The Name of the big game is, making money... sometimes to much money from really nothing...

You deserve everything you WANT! and you have to REALLY WANT IT!

Your Will is your power to change yourself - for Nothing, $ 0.00

Losing weight really doesn't cost anything.

They make the Life Style change sound hard, when it really is easy and simple.

30 min of Intense Cardio, Not for the Weak Hearted!

Why is this Amazing eBook Not Expensive Like the others?

We are giving this little helpful guide away for a messily dollar, because we feel comfortable in the fact that you will be getting more than you paid for, and get the MOST out of every cent.

Off course the price won't stay this low forever, and there really is no need to miss out on this exceptional offer for this astounding price, wouldn't you say?

Why and when will the price go up?

The 1 Dollar Intense Cardio Guide is part of a bigger work, if you surf around here you will see other cool 1 Dollar Guide eBooks, all focused on specific areas.

At some point these guide eBooks will be merged together to one Fantastic piece of work.

When is still unknown...

What We NEED From You

Give us 30 min of your day, and we will tighten up your abs, butt and thigh. Step by Step together we will burn all the fat right off your body.

Extra: If you can handle 30 min x 2 a day (30 min, two times a day), you will be astonished and pleasantly surprise!


This is not for advanced Cardio students, because this is a beginners guide, for people that know nothing about Cardio and how it can boost our bodies on so many levels.

User-friendly for

*This is a PDF-file which holds the Best Gaphics as well as style.

PDF - Free adobe reader (for PC/MAC/Laptops)

For Kindle Devices = How to Transfer PDFs to a Kindle

ePUB - (ipad/iphone/ipad/Appel) = Simply download the FREE Adobe App for your deviceand after you recive the link for the eBook, you will be able to open it directly on your device, IF you have installed the free Adobe app.

Simple and 100 % secure Payment through Paypal



Only a 1 Time payment NO extra or other monthyly fees

45 day money back gurarantee!

There is No Risk at all involved in buying the 1 Dollar Intense Cardio Guide because unless you are 110% satisfied, we will return ALL of your money, Right Away!

We are taking it to the next level,
and We Know You can Handle it?

Lose ALL the Weight You want to Lose 

Trust us, with the  1 Dollar Intense Cardio Guide on your side, you will make many times over this small initial investment that you will be making by ordering it now! Join the ranks of the elite, and finally discover the secrets that allow a select group of people to seemingly cash in while doing very little at all!


Cheap, simple, complete and guaranteed on top of that. Truth is, there is no downside whatsoever to you trying out the 1 Dollar Intense Cardio Guide. On the other hand, it could work out to be, as I strongly suspect, the best thing to ever happen to you! Start by ordering now!


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