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While aerobic is generally known to help improve cardiovascular health and boost the immune system as the exercises help to stimulate blood flow to the heart and lungs, they thereby also boost oxygen supply to those organs. Aerobic exercises include activities such as swimming, walking and cycling, to name a few. In the recent times, dancing too has been added to this list. 

As weight loss requires fat to be burned, it can only happen when your body is working to burn fat. Aerobic exercises therefore help you to lose much more calories than yoga. The primary difference between the two then is the fact that aerobics requires much more physical activity, whereas yoga tends to require more mental strength.


An ancient Indian practice that has been around for centuries, here the different poses focusing mainly on meditation and improved breathing, amongst other things. It works by doing a variety of different postures that help with different ailments by focusing on certain parts of the body. 

If you are looking to improve strength, this is most definitely the one to go for, as aerobics doesn’t quite compare. Yoga works on all the right muscles to help promote endurance. Yoga could be said to be on par with low-intensity workouts with regard to its fat-burning capabilities.

In terms of areas such as mood enhancement, they are both equally beneficial as they improve concentration, improve breathing and help to calm and clear your mind. 

The most interesting fact here is that yoga, in addition to having its own benefits, also boosts the benefits of aerobic activity and help you to be more resilient.

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