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10 min Intense Cardio

Cardio workout 101 will in short explain what cardio is, and how it's VITAL for making the fat vanish.

We have also added a quick 10 min Cardio Plan, so you can get right to it if you want, and for no cost at all.

  • Why is Cardio Vital ?
  • Quick 10 min Cardio Plan

Why is Cardio Vital?

Cardio is what gets the heart rate up, and when our heart rate goes up, we as a reaction Burn More Fat !

If you only build up your muscles, and never do any cardio, then you will see your weight go up, and it will have the opposite reaction than the one you want.

This is because when you build up your muscles, the muscle themselves will become more tighter and heavier, and the fat will still be a layer on your body, making you look even bigger than you are.

If you do cardio, then your heart rate will go up, and the loose fat is burned off the body, this is the only way to rid your body of the excessive fat.

Attack the Butt and Thighs & all the fat

Quick 10 min Cardio Plan

If anyone wants to feel better now as well as in future he may require taking the cardio exercises. It will not only create six pack abs but also make anyone’s body more efficient. It will also help him to lead a happy life. Getting the cardio workout in the gym is not a critical task. Performing the body weight exercises will be the perfect gateway of ensuring the increase of heart rate. 

Here are a few cardio vascular exercises:


Skipping is not only for the kids but also for the adults. One may require rising his right knee towards hip when reaching his left arm overhead. He may also land on ball of his left foot. Then he can alternate skipping motion and he may shoot for around 15 skips.

Stair Climb:

One may think of the stairs as cardio equipment in the building. It’s the best way of getting heart rate up as well as briskly walk up and down the stairway until he starts to sweat.

High knees:

One may require rising up his knee and placing back leg down. Then the alternate legs as well as star picking up space. One can try this up to 10 minutes.

Fat blasting:

One dose not need lots of time in order to fit in the fat blasting work out. Just he may require the right moves that may be pulled together for a person into the one ten minute’s routine. One may do prescribed number of the reps in succession and move from 1 to next without having a rest. After finishing last exercise he may rest for 2 minutes and after that he can repeat entire series again. It can burn calories fast with fat blasting cardio routines. It may burn around 150 calories within ten minutes.


In this cardiac workout process one may require standing tall as well as bending over until his finger steps are on floor. Then he can walk hands forward when keeping legs straight. Then he can finish off moves through adopting small steps in order to get his feet back to his hands. He can repeat for around six reps.

Long jump:

This is not just filed event as well as track. Similar to alternate leg-bounding, he can jump forward in the continuous motion. But he may reach forward with the legs as well as have feet land on floor. He can try for ten in the row.

Vertical jump:

It is quite simple. An individual should try to jump forward as high as possible. He should not have to be the pro-baller in order to do so. He should stand-up straight with the slight bend in knees. Then he can use his arms in order to propel him upwards. Then he should bend knees as well as jump up towards ceiling. He can repeat for ten reps. 

Single leg Burpee:

If anyone is mustering basic burpee he may try for this fancy move. Then he should complete normal burpee using 1 leg one time.

Now you have a basic training routine. For a beginner, these moves are great. 

You need just to take your time and master this 10 min program. After that, it becomes easier for you to do this routing and you will be ready to go to the next level = Doing it twice (2 times) becoming a 20 min Cardio Plan.

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