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The Formular is :

Eat healthy (+ Organic Super Foods) + Cardio + Strength

It doesn't matter if you want to lose weight over 7 days or 8 weeks, because both are achievable, if you want it really bad. It is possible to lose a lot of weight in 7 days, without having to starve yourself. 

But it will take determination !

7 day or 8 week weightloss
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  • Lose Weight in 7 Days
  • Lose Weight in 8 Weeks
  • Print out Calendars

Lose Weight in 7 Days

It is actually a lot easier to lose weight, than most think, which is also where the biggest hurdle lies - 'Thinking'

Print out the picture above, cut out the woman into the little scenes, likee this image  ->

You will stick/glue these scenes onto the calendar that you can download below, 

Here is an sample of what we mean :)

--SHOW EXAMPLE (image onto calendar)

now why would you want to do this, simply because it will slowly work to make you imagine things, just like when we were kids. 

The imagination is a powerful source to tap into.

  1. Change your eating habits, aim at fat burning food.

  2. DO NOT eat 1 big meal 3-4 times a day, change that to smaller at burning meals 5-6 times a day. 

  3. Exercise as much as you can, if you only can 10 min a day, then you start with that, but you have to challenge yourself, and do a little bit more a day. If you want to lose a lot of weight, the you will have to move a lot more than 10 min a day.


Surf around this website to get some delicious idea's for fat burning snacks or a fabulous cardio plan, we have tried to connect all the goodies of a healthy life into 1 place. But not only the goodies, but the Excellent ones!

Download the 1 week Calander

The calendars won't have dates, it will be up to you to add them. We did this so that it won't ever be out of date ;) and can be used at any point of the year.

*PDF file

The more you focus and engage in what you want, the faster you will have it, no matter what.

Lose Weight in 8 Weeks

If you really want to make some drastic changes, then you up the plan above, and if you do so, you will be changing your entire life without even noticing it as a dreadful thing.

You will Reap all the Benefits!

You simply make up your mind about how you really want to look and feel. Then You make the Decision (:determination) to Do everything it takes, and you use your will to archive it, and your results will be extraordinary (:unusual) and Amazing!

Nothing on this earth or in this universe cannot make you move, if you really don't want to. 

You have to lock the image of your desired results into your mind, and then just move towards it. 

The interesting thing is that without you even knowing it, you will begin to move towards your desired result. It is Magical how our mind works.

If you set your mind on losing weight in 7 days, it is achievable, but only for the very determined people. Whereas setting a goal of 8 weeks or more, will have a much deeper impact upon your brain, and making the result much more achievable for any person.

Download the 8 Week Calander

Remember to add the dates, as well as gluing the images to the calendar.

*PDF file

Focus on what you WANT !


Surf around this website to get some delicious idea's for fat burning snacks or a fabulous cardio plan, we have tried to connect all the goodies of a healthy life into 1 place. But not only the goodies, but the Excellent ones!

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